melissa + josh


i will never forget this night. it reminded why i got into photography.. dreaming that i would experience a night like this.  it may seem normal to you or just another backlit sunset shoot but for me its magic.  not because of the lighting or stylish humans but the love and energy we all brought just to have fun.

india and i flew into seattle for a wedding then drove a couple hours to oregon to hang on the coast with josh + melissa and amy and a few other friends.  immediately when we got to the sand shoes came off, jeans rolled up and we were running in the shoreline. maybe it was the warmth of the sun but the whole time it just felt effortless. time was not a consideration at all. we just all ran around swapping cameras and smiling and laughing till our stomachs hurt.  eventually after running down sand mounds to the coast again we sat around a fire with two local guys and talked about life until the stars consumed us. magic. and this evening will forever leave me feeling bright.

enjoy love.

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