tay + nugget

how do you genuinely write about two people you love more than in n out burger and do them justice? tay + hayden are not only the most special aliens on earth but they are the brightest light of love.  taylor is one of my best friends and over the past years i’ve been able to get super close to him and open up to have some really meaningful talks.  he is incredibly kind, fun and insanely out of control haha. hayden (nugget) is the perfect piece of love and humor wrapped up in a golden little 5ft 5 body.  she brings so much energy and laughter into a room.

We decided we would drive towards to joshua tree in southern california but after an hour into the drive we were done being in a car.. probably cause we are all psychos. so off the side of road we saw a little town and tucked behind that beneath some golden light were rolling hills and rocky peaks.  we took the next exit off and made our way towards the most random of places. haha. we ended up in the coolest place amongst millions of little flower balls that with a single touch would burst in the light.

the night was real. real good. unforced, genuine human being themselves.  their love isn’t one they keep for themselves.  they are the kind of people that are so in love that they have so  much extra to share.  the whole night i felt like i was invited in.. to see how warm real love can be.

love is real.

if you done believe me, feel theirs.


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