josh + olivia

finishing up our oregon adventure… india, sam landreth and i met up with (at the crack of damn dawn) olivia + j for a misty wet morning. we had no clue how special these two would be.  Not even as a couple were they special, although they were special together, but individually they were so bright and warm… two things i needed that early morning haha.

we traced around some moss covered rocks and got a shower from mother earth herself.

the best part of this whole experience is that it didn’t end at the shoot.  we honestly all just got along so well that later that day we couldn’t keep away from them.  we met up for tacos with them later and olivia came with us to get my first tattoo. they just felt like past life friends.  ill treasure their friendship forever.

thanks for sharing love olivia + j.



sam and i finished exploring together.

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