don’t be alarmed… I am a friendly giant!


I am Benjamin Patch. And even though we haven’t met yet I love you.  I got into photography for that exact reason—I love people! I currently play volleyball for Team USA which is a huge passion of mine along with taking pictures of you crazy people! I enjoy pottery, cause who doesn’t like to play with mud?

So why photography?  A couple years ago, after taking photos with my iPhone I realized that I loved capturing more than an image.  Within every frame there is a story to be told.  It was amazing to me that every photo I took on my phone was sending a message.  Fast forward a few months where I decided to approach wedding photography, because what stronger message is there than love? I have been so fortunate to travel and do what i love and have come to make lasting friendships with the couples i meet.

I am all about the shooting experience. Shooting together should be fun and fluid. If we aren’t dancing while taking pictures then we are doing it wrong! I really love getting to know you personally! My hope is that the photos we take will bring everyone that sees them to that moment and into your love story. Taking photos of people is not my job, it is a way I share myself with you and in turn I get to know you through my lens.

 I am all about being yourself! I don’t want to photograph mannequins, I want to photograph real people, really in love. I love capturing the intimate moments, as well as the awkward dance moves along the way! You humans are amazing and deserve to have your story recorded honestly and intimately. Get ready for some fun times, inside jokes and captured moments together.


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